Thursday, August 26, 2004

Feelin hot hot hot

Well summer is finally here! It's 37 with the humidex (or at least it will be this afternoon) and last nights run was hot and sticky.
Though for some reason the heat didn't bother me. I was fine with it. My running mates even had to ask ME to slow down! Some of them were bothered by the heat, so we took some extra drink breaks ( a lot of them...I'm just saying).
One girl in particular was feeling not so great. Turns out, near the end of the run that I walked a lot and ran very very slowly (even for me!) for her, that she has started a new diet. That's right a new diet just over half way through a half marathon training clinic. A new diet that limits her intake of, yup you guessed it, carbs.
No carbs for like 2 weeks.


Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?
She's going to run (for the first time) 22km this Saturday with NO carbs? No to mention that she doesn't take gels and won't even eat a ju jube at the water stop!
Why then, am I waiting for her again? It would be one thing if she was just feeling the heat and needed to go slower, I would totally wait for her. I know how that feels.
But a carb free diet?
I don't see me waiting for that on Saturday.