Monday, August 23, 2004


We ran on a nice rail trail tonight.
It was shady but the air was close so it felt pretty warm. Of course it was probably still under 30 with the humidex but we haven't had to run in much heat this year so we are wimpy when it finally shows up.

So my new bra was awesome without any chaffing. The real test will be saturday, I am sure I will chafe somewhere.

Tonight I wore shorts since it was too warm for my capris (LOVE THEM) and my flabby inner thighs chaffed.

Someone tell me how to tone these beasties! I can't wear shorts because they are HORRIBLEY rubby and I chaffe no matter what I do.
Butt'r doesn't seem to do much at all anyway ($20 down the toilet), I wore some tight shorts under my loose shorts but the tighter ones were reebok and totally sucked. The hem kept flipping yup and the seam completely trashed my inner legs.

HELP ME! I need smaller thighs.
I've heard cycling does it.
Maybe I will take a trip with the little on in tow tomorrow.

Any suggestions are welcome