Monday, August 02, 2004

huff huff I ran...gasp....with....huff..gasp Some...huff huff Different ....gasp gasp People

I arrived at my usually meeting place for running tonight (running store) and was quickly reminded that it is a civic holiday today. Right.
And NO ONE from my little slow group was there.
So the marathoners proclaimed..YOU CAN RUN WITH US TONIGHT!

For the love of god, they almost killed me.

Nooo I'm just kidding...was definitely a quicker 10 than I am used to but I know they were slowing for me. Which was nice cause they didn't seem to mind much. It was enjoyable to run with them. They offered so many racing tips such as; Don't believe them when they say "keep going you're ALMOST done" you are only almost done if you can SEE the finish line. Don't listen when people yell "pick it up! go go go faster faster" chances are these people do not run and are trying to kill you. Carry your fuel belt cause who knows if you will need a drink between stations. WALK through the water stations, gives your heart rate a chance to come down and it's much easier to drink (I learned this one myself on a 10k race....almost choked to death trying to run and drink...disaster). If you are used to one type of gel, carry it with you, the race may provide a kind that will not agree with you.
They were great, they had so much info to offer on every subject. To imagine them in a 5k clinic! They were once beginners. They consider themselves to be slow runners!!! One of them runs marathons in negative splits!
And at the end of our run? They thanked me for a nice run! HA! I thanked them for not ditching me in the middle of the trail.
It was sooo hot 39 with the humidity. I hate the close heat feeling you know what I mean? No matter how much you sweat it's only going to drip off of you, there is no evaporation and therefore minimal cooling (I think that's how it works anyway). And of course today while I am filling my fuel belt bottles I drop ONE in the sink, on top of a raw chicken...covered in spices...and bbq sauce.
NO TIME to clean it. I filled the other three and headed out, I NEVER drink all four.
Today I ran out of water just as we were finishing and would have loved to sip number 4 while waiting for my ride.
Oh well.
I desperately need a shower.

CSI is on tonight...woohoooooo !