Friday, August 27, 2004

I Had A Dream

Last night on the way to bed. I made my usual stops in the kids rooms to tuck them in and make sure they hadn't expired in the few hours I had alone (with Chris snoring on the couch) in the living room. Brendan was fine, totally strewn across his bed, his duvet a wrinkled pile below his knees. Noah on the other hand, was sideways in his crib, his blond hair was sticking out between the rails of the crib and HIS duvet was bunched up on his face.
Could I leave him like that? Nooooooo, so of course I gently pulled the duvet away from his face. And then I rubbed his back. And I smoothed his hair. And then he sat up. And cried. So I picked him up and we had a rock. He cried. (I must've scared him).
Anyway long story short, he ended up scooting around our bed until just after 1 am. He had fun, gave me a fat lip and beeped Chris's nose about 2 dozen times.

When I finally went to sleep I was VERY tired. And I kept thinking, I need to sleep I have a big run on Saturday. So inevitably I dreamed about a half marathon (no the half is not on Saturday..don't worry). I dreamed I ran it with my hubby (non runner) and as we passed our house he decided we needed to stop in for a snack and a pee and possibly a change of clothes.
When we re-emerged there was no one around and every time we approached a water station they were packing it up. We catch up to what we thought were the slow runners only to discover that they were the 5k race people getting their awards.
It was mortifying.
I woke up before the finish line and "accidentally" punched Chris in the nose. (It was more of an arm flog with a fist at the end) so I have no idea how it ended. But I can promise you it wasn't pretty!

Tomorrow morning is our 22km training run. It's pretty hilly one way, but it's in the first 12km, so that's not too bad. My only hope is that some of this humidity is GONE by then. Bah the heat kills me.