Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I think the heat has melted my brain

Now you all might be shocked by this, but I'm not pulling your leg.
Sometimes? Sometimes I'm a little flakey. Sometimes subtly is totally lost on me. Sometimes I state the obvious. Yesterday was one of those days, apparently.

You see Chris needed to work a little late last night, and he called me at 4pm and said he wanted to come and pick us up and drive us all back to Kitchener, where he would finish up (B could see him work a cool cherry picker thing) and we would grab something to eat.
So at 6pm he shows up (side note: He takes off his shirt and underneath his back is COVERED in a one million little water blisters formed, we think, because he was ready to peel but he worked in the heat all day and was really sweating..oooooooooh it was nasty loose wet skin...blech)we all jump in the truck and take off to where he is working.
He parks us in front of this TALL sign he is re-painting. He blocks one driveway with his truck (N and I are in it). He hops in the cherry picker, much to the awe of B and starts to work (he was only going to be 30 minutes or so).
So the driveway he blocked was access from the plaza (coffee shop) to the gas station. BUT they could easily use one of the other two driveways to the street and drive 200 ft to the gas station. So this one woman drops he hubby off and the coffee shop and decides to go and get gas (it was for 68.9!) she looks up at us and shakes her (old and flabby) head. Then she proceeds to drive very close to us. We are perpendicular and she is looking at me mouthing something. N is in the driver seat. HELLO!!!
So I give her a DUH!!!!! look and point to Chris. And shout out the window "you can't get through here, we are blocking the drive way. He is painting the sign."

She gave me a DUH look and drove away to the gas station and tried to complain (nothing happened) to the people in the gas station. Like THEY have a say.

Chris came down with the booom thingy and shook his head.

"Good one!" he said "You sure told her"
Rolled his eyes and continued on with his mission.
B got a little ride in the cherry picker when Chris needed to park it. I think he could've died at the moment and had been pretty sure he had lived a full and wonderful life.