Thursday, August 05, 2004

Insomnia and Life's Little Ironies.

So it's only midnight, but I skipped tonight's run and now I am not drop dead tired and so I can't sleep. I just crept down to take a pill and wait for that paralyzing fatigue to drop by and carry me back up to bed.

Mean while I will share with you, the irony that IS my life.
But before I begin you should know that I adore(ish) my husband and (sort of) wouldn't trade him for the world (but possibly for a bigger house).

Anyway, hubby and I met in a washroom in a bar in a college town in central Ontario. Hubby was going to school (environmental engireering) and I was just hanging out lookin grungy and going to great concerts...oh..sorry I think we call those SHOWS now...whatever.

So we meet and become friends...blah blah blah...we are together.
We have a baby (slightly before hubby turns 30...which was totally his idea) and we lived FAR FAR away from his family.

We move back to this area and settle...(sort of). A wedding comes up (not ours, we aren't really married) it's his cousin's wedding, a cousin that he likes. A cousin I haven't met.
So his mother (hubby's mother) gives me the back ground. This family is rich. Like REALLY rich. Like they own a good portion of the city rich.


I do finally meet them at the church on the day of this wedding. They call me Tammy and then snarl at Chris for telling them that, when they learn (the first of 3 times) that my name is actually Pam. The wedding itself is uneventful, afterward a horse and buggy picked up the bride a groom.
Big whoa.

Then we all went out to the parent's (the cousin's parents) house in the country. They own 60 acres of manicure lawn and treed land. Horses. Tennis courts. A pool inground with the zodiac circle thing tiled on it. you could eat off the floor of their barn(s).

The tents rented for this event were HUGE! The food...OH the food. so many course. Smoked salmon, veil (NO THANKS!)..chicken...OPEN BAR. International guests.
The whole she-bang.

And afterward? LIMO'S to drive us home. 40minutes BACK to the city. There were over 300 guests to be driven home. Sure we had to wait little for a car to come back but with 5 of them, the wait wasn't that long AND we had a car to ourselves. Pretty cool.

Anyway it turns out this cousin and I share birthday. Exact year. Exact day.
Weird huh.

here's the kicker.

The father of this cousin (we shall call him Uncle), EMPLOYS my father-inlaw as a PAINTER. Now don't get me wrong, he has a successful painting business but no where near the millions of dollars that Uncle is worth.

I mean seriously if you were worth literally millions of dollars would you not want your own brother (who cleaned up a tax mess for you about 40 yrs ago I might add) living comfortably? And not actually PAINTING? He's 65 yrs old and he is still painting.

Don't even get me started on the other brother (uncle) who chris won't even look at, that lives with a divorcee and is supported by her ALIMONY. He's a real treat.

So maybe irony is the wrong word here.
What I really mean is.
It's NOT fair!