Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kill Bill Vol 2 OR Why Darryl Hannah haunts my nightmares

We watched Kill Bill Vol 2 last night. And for all intents and purposes it was good movie.
Less brutal (not less violent this IS a Quentin Tarantino film afterall) than the first, it had a little more cheese and a lot more story.
I enjoyed it. Mostly.
It's not on my top ten or anything but then again I am not a person that claims Pulp Fiction was the greatest movie ever.

I enjoyed Resevoire Dogs but the brutality of it made it so I could not ever sit through it again, so I don't even remember much of it. Only that Harvey Keitel was in it (clothed) and someone lost an ear and of course the gun scene.

There weren't many special features on the DVD only the usual "Making Of" and that guy that made desperado and Spy Kids wrote all the music for Kill Bill 2 so they had him performing at the premiere (Richard Rodriguez?).

Anyway we watched some of the making of...and they of course had interviews with the actors talking about their characters (how deep and intense they are and how they are the most favorite characters they have ever played ever!).
Uma was lovely as usual even with her gargantuan hands.
Darryl Hannah, on the other hand was TERRIFYING! She is a scary botox zombie. I mean she has always been a, but since this aging thing has gotten under way she has totally lost it. She looks SO different (not to mention expressionless) and she makes little sense in her interview. "What's cooler than cool?" uh ok. They had such TINY snipets of her interview, once could only conclude she made even less sense in the parts they cut out. So flakey.

Botox is bad....mmkay?

And now for a little pet peeve of Pamalamadingdong...
Now this did not happen on the Kill Bill DVD, but it does happen on MANY DVD and did happen on the 13 Going on 30 DVD... "Character Bios?Profiles"
What does that mean to you?
To me that mean CHARACTER profiles or bios or whatever you want to call them...the emphasis being on CHARACTER ...meaning a fictitious being involved in the plot of a story. Right?
WRONG...they are the actor bios. Why call them characters when they are not characters.
Uma plays *Beep* but she is not *Beep* that is her CHARACTER. So a character bio on *Beep* should include back ground tidbits on *beep* NOT Uma's filmography.

Are you with me?