Friday, August 20, 2004


Guess what!
If you forget to pay your internet bill one month, they totally disconnect you!Can you believe that?Then?You have to send them a money order and wait until they receive it before they will hook you back up!
What! ever!

So Saturday I ran 18 kilometers, it was great. It was hard, but I wasn't struggling.It was awesome. I was DEAD for the afternoon, but I guess that is something I will eventually get used to. I hope so. This saturday is 15k and next saturday is 21k (our goal). She figured since we have a few weeks before our race that we had time to go the whole distance and then taper. I'm excited. And now, oddly enough, I'm pretty sure I can do it.
Nothing else much new really. My hubby shaved his face. His goatee is gone and for the first timein his LIFE he also shaved his mustache. It was SO weird at first. He has a scar on his lip from hockey that I had never seen before. SO strange. I am getting used to it now, but sometimes I still feel like I'm smooching someone else.
So now I am off to read all the blogs I was deprived of!
Did you miss me?
have you been watching the olympics?
I almost feel like I have to, since no one is actually there to spectate.Incredible.Canada, at this point is REALLY sucking. I believe as of today we like, one medal. And it's bronze.
Yup, still not up and running.Apparently they cannot locate our payment. Morons. They had to SIGN for the delivery and they cannot find it.Nice.I am totally having blog withdrawal.I dreamed about Mindy last night! Totally weird.She was my old boss (and by old I mean former not ancient...I maybe a smidge older than Mindy anyway)it wasall very odd. So tomorrow I run 15k in the morning. Seems like an easy distance now. But I won't fool myself. The last time i though...pshaw 12k is nothing...and it was one of my hardest runs. So I will look forward to the lesser distance of 15k but remember that I have one MOFO of a hill to climb to begin and miniature everest on the way back. (carbboom is my new bestest friend).
Well on another note, I am considering taking a Fitness Instructor course.I figure it will kill a whole lot of birds with one stone.

1) It teaches me more about something I am currently VERY interested in.

2) It makes me a tinsy bit more employable (IT pro/fitness instructor's are few and far between!I can tell you your subnet mask AND your target heart rate)

3) It has a focus on leadership skills (this should make Shiz happy). SOmething I seem to belacking these days.

4) I get to spend time with ADULTS!

5) It is scheduled for 2 weeks after my half marathon..and makes a good in between goal6) It may aid in my quest for fitness (could happen).
Anyway there you have it.I am off now, to call the internet ASSHOLES once again and bully them into actually LOOKING for my payment.

p.s.Did I mention that I hate automatic withdrawals? I HATE it.HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. One time we canceled a dial up service that we had paid on month to month basis, only to discover about 6 mnths later that they were taking payments out of my chequing account. I NEVER signed up for automatic debit with them.And it took me a few months to get that through to them.