Monday, August 23, 2004

my boring boring life

I bought a new bra today.
A new running bra that is.
My old ONE was slowly sawing me in half, at any distance over 10km.
I had purchased at least three more in the past year but I bought them at Winner's and one at Wal-mart (don't do that by the way) and none of them were as comfortable as the one I bought from the running store.
So today I finally went back.
I tried on at least 8 different kinds and types.
And bought the EXACT same one I bought last time (shamefully it was a year ago) only in a different colour.
And hopefully a different size.
It is by far the comfy-est one I've tried on.
And it's Brooks, which I also enjoy as a cheaper brand of running attire.
Still though the straight jacket set me back $49.99
Hopefully though, I will break it in before Saturday and it won't attempt to bi-sect me half way between here and my 22k.

How's THAT for a boring post!?

10k tonight and it's stinkin hot out.