Tuesday, August 31, 2004


That's right. School starts in one week and I couldn't be happier.
You see this year, Bren decided that he didn't want to go to ANY camps or play for any teams. He just wanted to play with his friends and be free all summer.

We won't be doing that next year.

He has been BORED out of his skull for the last 3 weeks. His best friend went to California and left him here to rot on my couch and wope and whine and mouth off.

He came close to death a few times.

He has learned the art of making me mad. I don't know when that happened. He was always such a GOOD boy. Now he's all mouthy and disrespectful. Making me second guess my decision to NOT spank my children.

I am sure (hope) he will straighten out once school starts. Although he's in total denial about it starting.

Well in other news, Chris is gone to work today. So I my blogging won't be so clandestine.
I've decided NOT to share this with him...probably ever.
He wouldn't get it.

Although the other day someone found my site by googling Pamalamadingdong. I thought for sure it was chris but no...they weren't from Canada.

So for now this remains by little secret.

Oh and my race? Is Sept 19th.