Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pissed Off Momma

I am so pissed off right now I can barely see straight.

Brendan has a friend, we will call him the weird little boy up the street, and this friend has one BITCH for a mother.

They were playing today with another boy, when the weird little boy up the street invited them into his house to play. The third child decided not to since he had a bike to fix (whatever), so Brendan and weirdo go into the house.
The mother, whom I will for now call BITCH, asks them both where the 3rd boy is. Brendan begins to reply "He went home to fix...." she interrupts him and asks her son Weirdo. Who tells her the same thing. She then tells them both "If you are lying you're both going to be in a whole lot of trouble"
excuse me?
I know I just posted about my son being a mouth piece but he is NOT a liar....nor is he mouthy to anyone but me (not even his Dad really).
So Bren comes home in tears that this woman (bitch) called him a liar and he was afraid that she would punish him in some way.
So that made me mad enough that she threatened to punish him in some way.
Then he tells me that a few weeks ago before leaving for California, he and weirdo and decided to not play with 3rd boy (3rd boy is often a liar and they hate that about him), well bitch got wind of that and told Brendan that if they ever exclude 3rd boy again (NOT relation to weirdo OR bitch) that she wouldn't allow him (Brendan) on her property again.

So they asked me yesterday if she could take Brendan to the fair with them...I've decided a big NO on that one.

Add all this to that fact that she still owes me $40 from a day trip we took her weird little son on and you have one pissed of woman.

I so want to call and scream obscenities are her.

But I won;t

for now.