Friday, August 06, 2004


5k last night. It was so cool it was almost cold, which to me, makes for a GREAT run. Would've been a good night for greater distance, but it's 5k on our schedule.

Well truth be told we screwed up and did 6k. We had a nice pace. Stopped for a drink at one stop light (as opposed to every 15 minutes or so when it was MOFO hot out last week).

Anyway it was good run. 16k tomorrow morning. I am nervous! I made the mistake of checking out the route before hand. And it looks hard! I mean we did 15 last weekend, and technically I did do 16 once before. But for some reason I am chicken. I'm sure it will be fine.

In other news, we watched Hildalgo (I am not even bothering to look that up).
It was LONG and Viggo is NOT as hot as he was in middle earth. I think he had some fake teeth for Lord of the Rings, definitely hair and POSSIBLY coloured contacts.
This was NOT a good movie. And at one point I actually started to mock it.
It was too easy.
If you watch it, cause it might be worth a rent with there is nothing else, wait until he "sings" and then tell me you didn't mock him. I dare you.
It can't be done.