Saturday, August 28, 2004

Today's run was...

I don't know what happened. Today's run was a REAL effort for me. At about km 6 I choked on a bug and almost vomited. Not pretty. I coughed for a while and had to stop to drink.
I then sucked down a gel and didn't drink enough water afterwards.
Yup it sat in my tummy like a brick, once it finally made it down there. I did stop to drink more to remedy the situation but it didn't seem to make much difference.

The route was REALLY REALLY hilly. And even though I ran each one, I did find myself needing to walk for a little bit on the some of the flat parts. I walked WAY WAY more than I would normally (normally being when we only walk for drink breaks, since running through them seem to almost drown me).

It was much hotter today than it has been for any of ours runs this morning. The humidity was 83%.

I ran my first 3 or 4km quite a bit faster than normal, having gotten caught up in a conversation and not noticing the speed until the rest of our group disappeared behind me.

Our time was about 2:37 and that's with 2 water stations (yes actual stations our lovely running club sets out...well hides old coolers in farmers fields) and my wimping out on occasion.

After we didn't even stretch we went directly to one woman's house and into her pool running clothes and all. It's been so cold that her pool hasn't heated up so it was a great muscle soak. We stretched in there and felt SO refreshed.

Now I am spent. My legs aren't sore. Just tired and heavy.

I hope this is not a sign of how the actual half will be on Sept 19th.