Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Well today started off with a stark naked 20 month old shouting for me from his crib.
Luckily there were no surprises in the diaper.
I think today will be interesting.

I lost the lid to the cream cheese. I mean I opened a brand new tub of cream cheese, made my son a bagel, turned around to put it away and it was gone!
The shiny wrapper that covers the top is gone too, making me think I threw them in the garbage.

The NoseyParkers have been at it again.
last night at 8pm we had our children in the back yard (heaven forbid your children be out past 8pm IN THE SUMMER!) and the whole family was peeking out from the bedroom windows.
Nice (and inconspicuous).
The night before Chris and I ate a late dinner after I was running, I was sitting in my seat directly across from the patio doors eating (gorging myself) and I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Sure enough young NoseyParker is sitting in his window have a good gawk.
You see I am not just being paranoid..there is NOTHING else but my house he can be looking at.
He was watching us eat dinner!
I closed the blinds OBVIOUSLY, but not before giving him a wave, which made him duck down but no completely I could still see his eyes peeking at me.

Also...THANKS! I am feeling much better (and less self centered) about this upcoming race.
I guess I don't want to look foolish.
In answer to Mark, no the other runner's don't bother me (unless they are trying to pass me in the chute..biatch!) in fact I enjoy them.
And I LOVE being at the finish line and cheering in other runners.
I'm just a freak and I clearly need to get over myself.

But that was mean right? What my mother did?