Thursday, September 30, 2004

It's Me Again

Hi! Its me again! I just wanted to pop in and discuss my addiction to baths. More importantly? My addiction to those cool bathtub products they market to small children. Like bathy fizzies, and bathtime funfetti and stuff no grown woman should admit buying for herself. But I just love it ALL.

I just thought you all should know that about me. If we're going to spend time together waiting for Pamalama to come home, I thought we should get to know each other.

Blogger Crisis

Hey Guys. Zoot here. Pam sent me an email from her cell phone (she's hip to new technology like that) saying her INTERNET IS DOWN! I of course responded with a huge long email telling her I might be able to help if MrZoot would help me. She responded something along the lines of "Stupid Woman. This is a cell phone. I can only get short messages." No. She wasnt that harsh, but she should of been, how stupid was I? Duh. So she obviously wanted me to post for her, but I can't see websites at work with the word "blog" in the URL, because they get blocked by my firewall. So, MrZoot is actually going to upload this entry for me.

So, in reality, this is MrZoot in for Zoot in for Pam saying that Pamalamadingdong has NO internet access. MrZoot has not problem helping Pamalama out because she helped him out with finding good running shoes. She's cool like that. But, since she is communicating in short messages I'm not sure why her internet is down. So, I am going to make up a story to go along with it.

Pamalamadingdong has been abducted by aliens and delivered to a habitat on their own planet. All they have is dial-up internet there and the long distance bills are a bitch, so she's not going to update. She will update as soon as she gets back to Earth.

Thanks, Zoot.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I am SUCH a hypchondriac

So yesterday Dianna posted about the threat of becoming ill shortly before her marathon. And today? I'm sick!
I'm all stuffy and I'm hating it. A stupid cold. I don't FEEL all that sick. I'm just chilly and stuffy.

Tomorrow is to be my first post race long run. I'm going no matter what...well not no matter what. But at this point I'm totally thinking of running.

ALTHOUGH this morning when I got up? It was STILL dark out. I don't mind running in the dark in the evenings. But I HATE the idea of running in the morning darkness. Makes it seem earlier somehow. And colder.


My 8 yr old (who will be nine in Jan) is SO mouthy all of the sudden. I mean he rolls his eyes and says "I GET IT MOM!!" all the cotton-pickin time now.

Now I know that I was a mouthy little so and so at some point. But I don't think I was 8 when it started.
We aren't spankers in this house, but I might reverse that decision in favour of a wooden spoon one of these days. And the other one...GAH! He's a monster. Terrible two in a nut shell. I mean we have a ton of fun with him but he's SO independent that listening really does fit into his agenda very well.

Yesterday at the park, Chris traumatized the poor kid, he will never get on a swing again I bet.
He put in the baby swings and stood in front of him, pulled the swing up to about his own chest height and let it go.
Noah's eyes got really big (not unlike a bug) and his face turned bright red...and he held his breath. He held his breath until I got the swing and took him out.
HELLO! He's 2 and he's not on the swings all that much.
Perhaps pushing him from the back would've been the logical idea since he would've seen what was coming. And not pushing him from the front where it might feel a little like free falling to a 2 year old.


Odder and Odder

What does it say about us that my husbands cell phone ringer is the theme to Star Trek The Next Generation (Genitalia as he puts it) and mine it the Peanuts theme?

Chicken Ball Run

So I ran.

We ran 5k, it was great for the first say...4k and I completely ran out of steam. We purposely chose a nice flat rail trail route. And I was surpised at how tired I felt when I started running. No pain just fatigue.
At 4k we stopped and chatted (about how fabulous we are) and walked in. It was fine, at least we gotten out there and shook out our legs a bit. We'll go again on Friday and maybe 12 on Sat...we'll see.

So afterwards we went for some dinner. There's a chinese food place right next door so we went there, it's not our first chicken ball celebration so we know it's good there.

Well HELLO? Why do you pile MOUNTAINS AND MOUNTAINS of food on one plate so people cannot even take any off without causing an avalanche of fried rice and chop suey? Mine came with an egg roll plopped on top of a mound of chop suey. How am I supposed to eat that? Impossible task.
I ate maybe a third of my meal and the had it packed so Chris could enjoy it later. which he did, about 35 seconds after I walked through the door.

So by 10pm I was famished of course. And could nothing else but eat toaster strudel (blueberry) and curse those Chinese folk down town.

This morning? STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hungry like Paris Hilton will never admit. Hungry like the Olsen twins.
Like Hannibal Lector.

Must eat.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Well we're about to go out for a run. My first since the race. I am looking forward to it in a lot of ways. But worried I am going to suck. You know how that is.

At this point, I hate NOT running, you know how that is too.

So we'll run, no more than 8k. I doubt we will even do 8, some of my running mates are still hurting so they will want to take it easy and do only 5k. Really that's fine with me.

Ok, to be REALLY honest with you, I am only going because we 're all having dinner together afterwards. And that is the only thing getting my butt out the door today.
But I do want to run...but not really.


I want to HAVE run...I want to know what I mean.
I want it to be 10pm tonight and i've already run.

Yeah..that's it.
I know I'm mental..You don't have to tell me.

I did the race in my old shoes...nicely broken in and on the verge of retirement. TOnight I think I'll wear my new ones, just to break em in a bit.

GOOD LORD this is a boring post....ok...something to liven it up a bit

My hubby runs a home based business and hasn't filed his txes in 2 years. His books are a mess and today I made him go and see a book keeper to get everything in order and file his taxes, it's apparently going to be a long process since I refused to look after his books when she started this mess (I was already working full time and pregnant).

We might be selling our children to pay the evil Revenue Canada...any takers? Ben??

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


"Imagine Jesus is on top of the hill, with his arms wide open waiting for you. And you're running to him"

Doesn't that mean you're dead?


I think I've recovered.

Sunday night, I could only get one of my legs over the baby gate by our stairs. COULD NOT. Hubby had to come and help me. Walking up and down stairs was SUCH a chore for me. I mean really.
Sunday night I lay on the couch like a squeezed orange all flat and and groggy.
Monday I was sore. My legs were tender to touch. That wasn't fun. But by Monday night i was feeling a bit better. But completely exhausted, which is a good sign right?

I'll go for a walk today (should've yesterday but didn't get the chance) and see how I feel after that.

Definitely running tomorrow night.

For my next amazing adventure, I will lose 25lbs. Well even 20 would be awesome.
WHY is it sticking around? Do I need to run 1000kms a week to lose this spare tire?

Mark has said he will help me to set up a cross training I will be bugging him for that discussion soon. :) that the race is over I have NOTHING interesting or mildy entertaining to share with you.

I put Noah down for a nap about an hour and a half ago, he's been playing ever since.
Now he's calling me. Do I leave him up there? He's not crying and needs a nap.

Another question, when did your babies go into a big boy bed?
Noah will be two in November.
He seems big in his crib but his brother was in there until 2.5 or 3 I think.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Attention RBF

Janice has lost her running mojo as can be seen in the comment she posted for my post prior to this one.

We MUST help her find said mojo. Janice is an awesome runner and she was the one who initially convinced me that I COULD do a half.

Also, she's hot.

And nothings worse than a hot runner who doesn't run.

Get your shoes on, grab molly and run! Anywhere. For anything distance for any length of time. You know you'll feel great if you do!

No everyone...go to Janice's and tell her why she should run.

Race Report


I'm a little sore today. I can only assume it's cause we pushed ourselves yesterday cause it was a seriously easy route. Our routes here in town are much hillier.

Anyway, let's start at the beginning....

I woke up before my alarm went off (I mistyped in my post of that morning) and was immediatley WIDE awake.

I went through my normal pre long run morning ritual. A bagel (which caught on fire and couldn't be eaten) and black tea (so I won't have to poop on the all know what I mean.)

My ride was coming to get me at 5:40 am. I was ready at about 5:15am. Yeah that was brilliant. So I drank some water. Peed. Paced. Check the forecast (I have a slight weather obsession). Peed.Paced somemore.

Anyway, we finally got to St Catherines with about an hour to pick up race kits and get ready to run.
We found our numbers, found our club and had a group picture (I don't have a copy yet).

We made our way to the start line with the marathoners SKIPPING and jumping up and down in excitement. I mean seriously! Asking us over and over if we have gels etc.

We started SLOW....which was our mission. However, before the first km mark there was NO ONE behind us...a little TOO slow I would say.

I was worried we would be dead last for the whole race (how humiliating). But after the first few KM people started to fall behind us like crazy. At one point I made my little group turn around and LOOK at the people behind us.

Anyway I couldn't believe the number of water stations, having only done 10k races before this (and only 2 of those) I was used to only having one or two. But there were EIGHT on this course. I was so happy that I had not brought my water belt (forgot it) cause it was not needed. We did walk when we had a drink (not every aid station but we did stop at many) but it was quick cause we knew another one was only 2.5k away.

Still with the fingers in the water cups...kind of yucky...oh well.

By about km12 we turned out of town and ran past the vineyards, that was interesting. Especially since in the morning the shoot of some sort of canon to scare the birds off the grapes.
I scared the grapes out of me let me tell you. And when one of my running buddies went into a corn feild to pee I was slightly afraid for his life. These farmers mean business. Hillbillies in Canada? Who knew!

I felt great during this entire race.

At one point in the race the road comes to a T, you turn down to the end, turn around and come back up. That's where the hills are. They truly are smaller than the hills we are used to training on. So coming back up them was really not that big of deal, our pace literally did not change.
We passed at least 12 people on those hills. I mean really. The were stopped and walking.
One person as we passed him, said (after reading the back of our team shirts)"Oh yeah i ran your half last year! You guys are used to hills!"
So that was interesting. Passing people on hills. Us.

After that, I though, oh my god. I'm going to finish!
I couldn't believe it was km15.
AND we had 1 hour to finish in the time we thought we would. Clearly we were going to do better than that.

Around km18 one of my running mates had some foot issues, mostly that the tops of her feet were killing her. She adjusted her shoes a few times, but really I think she only cost us about 1 minute or two. So I stopped with her when she needed to. Who wants to run the rest alone and in pain.
But she ran great and totally sucked it up. She's pretty bruised today. Weird eh?

What I did find weird was the traffic! Cars weaving in and out of runners!
Totally coming into our lane. The only road that was even remotely closed was the one with the finish line on it.
That was VERY annoying. I didn't think I would have to worry about cars really.

When we ran Around the Bay (I did the relay) the course was completely closed to cars the entire way.

Anyway, on the corner before the final turn to the finish line, there were at least 20 people from our group standing there, making the most noise I have ever heard a group of people make. It was SO amazing. It really gave us the kick we needed. And we finished feeling strong.

And then we had ice cream.

Next up, is a half marathon hosted by the store I run out of in November. I've run the course as a training run and it's freaking hilly and hard.

thanks for all the encouragement. I kept thinking yesterday that I just wanted to come home and blog. I wanted to email an entry from my phone, but with my post-race labotomy I couldn't figure it out.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


More soon.
For now.

Awesome FLAT (something I'm not used to) race.

2:24:?? was my time.

Had a great time and the 20 cheering team mates at the end helped with the finish line anxiety.

We started SLOW which was out goal. And Everyone took off ahead of us. But km7 though they started dropping like flies. By 12 we'd had a gel and lots of water. I was feeling great.
km 15 I had to sneaking suspicion that I might finish.

Km 19 the finish line anxiety was ON ME. I had to resort to counting to control my breathing.

km20, the rest of our team was SO loud that I couldn't help but smile and laugh.
We finished strong and had a little left for a kick to finish.

No tears but I did feel great.

I have to tell you that on January 1st I made a New Years resolution, one was to write more and the other was to do a half.



Well then.

Guess who got up with an alarm this morning?

Check out the time down there folks. Yupperdoodle.

It's that freakin early.

We all met for a pasta dinner lastnight. That was lovely. All the veteran marathoners had some good tips such as:
"Don't be surprised if you cry at the end of the race"

"Or vomit"

Also my toaster over caught on fire a bit this morning, so my bagel tastes a little like smoke....blech.

Well I'm off and at the very least I'll be back with a t-shirt.

So there.

Friday, September 17, 2004

HEllo I'm in hell

hello, I'm on MSN messanger right now...helping my mother network her computers.

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY who would sell a 65 yr old woman a router?
I mean sure she's a little computer savvy but does NOT get networking AT ALL.

Why did I ever tell her about MCSE (not that it means much now) WHY?
I get calls for the last 6 I can SEE directly into her machine from my phone.

Let's all say this together...IP ADDRESSES must be unique...and NO it can't be the same as the IP address your ISP assigned you.

I might go jump now.



Blogroll is down.
How dare they?

I dreamed about running lastnight (shocking I know) and in my dream my running friends were leaving without me, I couldn't find any socks..(I am partial to Newbalance and HATE HATE HATE thick socks) so I was running around my house and told them to go with out me, I would catch up (right, like I've EVER caught up to anyone before). Anyway at some point my Mom was yelling at me, that no one would ever want to run with me again if I didn't get my act together and start being on time and organized (wow...even in sleep she can lecture me on that and from 800km away).

So I got it together(not before trying on a fabulous red nike sock. RED! I would love that!) and headed out the door in the opposite direction of my friends, hopeing to run into them or something.
And I got stuck...I couldn't make it up this tiny little hill. Like someone was holding on to the waist band of my pants and I'm running on the spot not going anywhere.
It was so frustrating.

Anyway eventually I woke up and shook if off, well actually I had to pee so I forgot about it by the time I got back into bed.

So..what do you think? Nerves?

I need a drink.

Or two


I happened to see a little bit of Oprah yesterday (God can she be ANY MORE self righteous) and she had Barbara Walters on.
Christopher Reeve taped a little..YAY BARBIE.
Can he be ANY creepier?
NONE. Not even an eyebrow.
He totally gives me the heebie geebies.

He looks..........well.......dead really.


Thursday, September 16, 2004

In honour of the NHL lock out, I would like to ask my Dad to drive me to my best friend Cindy's house and NOT have to wait "till the end of this period". Which always took forever and God help if it went into overtime, I was not getting out anytime soon, the alternative of course was to NORTHERN the middle of winter. In my lovely little flat dress shoes and levi's 501s.

Hockey Night in Canada was NOT a welcome site in my eyes, me Dad watched EVERY SINGLE GAME.

I almost had convulsions the other night when Chris wanted to watch the final game of the World Cup of Hockey, I thought...OH NO! And so it begins.

I wish I was 15 this winter would've been great!

Is it wrong that I've hidden the last 3 chocolate chip cookies from the children?
Is it wrong that I am totally going to eat them?

Carbs A Plenty

So, I'm supposed to start carbo loading today or's supposed to be 3 days before the race right? Well is that three days INCLUDING race day or the three days leading up to race day? Am I over thinking this?

So anyway, our fearless leader suggested making rice pudding and just snacking on that any ole time you please...but ...I don't think I like rice pudding. I mean it sounds really yummy...and I've never tried it. But I've tried another lumpy pudding (tapioca) and while it tasted great I couldn't get past the lumps. I mean...ew.
But then again I eat rice on a regular basis so I'm used to their lumps and texture so it shouldn't be a problem...but then again again add a bag of milk (yes our milk comes in bags here in Canada) and some sugar and that might be very unpleasant.

ALSO to make matters even worse, I only have basmati rice in the house. Would that still be good? Basmati really has it own flavour and might not mix well with milk and sugar.

There you go...I just devoted an entire post to rice.

oh no...on second thought I have another dilemma...when do I start hydrating?? NOw??? Saturday? How much? More than my usual 6-8 cups a day?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

No More Race Talk...for now.

I know you're all bored out of your skulls with my race talk.

So instead I give you, a tale of my flakiness:

I baked a cake this morning, a blueberry coffee cake. And while mixing it with my handy dandy mixer I was distracted. Distracted by the little boy beside me who was trying to test the tempertature of the oven, Hansel and Gretel style.
So while jamming one knee against the oven door, mixing and and scraping with my hands and having my head turned to encourage my toddler to stop attempting chins up on the handle of the oven door, I lose control of my mixture. And it wrapped itself around my bowl.

the carnage Posted by Hello

The cake turned out fine, a little lopsided maybe but the mixer....not so much good.

A Pep Talk

The following is an email from my coach (?) the woman that owns the running store we run with and leads all of our clinics etc.

Pam....freaking out is normal....but trust me, you will do fine. Just start out easy, see this as a great accomplishment in your life and feel good about it. YOu've done all the training, now allow yourself to accomplish what you've been training to do. As long as you start out easy, you will have no problem. I Promise. This is very exciting and i'm so proud of all of you. I'm so glad you're wearing the race t-shirt.....i'm very proud to have you as part of our racing team. It's going to be so much fun!!!!

Thought you might like that.
This is from a woman who has run MANY MANY marathons and participated in theCanadian Death Race last year, she did it in relay (she did the last leg) but she turns 50 in two years and is planning on doing the whole thing herself to celebrate it (yeah). She's also hoping to put together teams for the relay again (yeah I'm not biting). was a lovely email and it made me feel a little better even though she might be totally blowing smoke up my ass.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The End is Near

It's been just over 2 hours and I know the end is near.
I am being as quiet as a mouse, even though there is a fan and an aquarium (not to mention a flight of stairs) to muffle any sound from here.
Any second now I will hear the inevitable words.

"down Mommy?"

And then if I wait long enough.


And longer still, there will be silence and much rustling....and then the unthinkable.


I best just give it up now and go get him. He'll be up from his nap any second. The boy is like a freaking clock!


So this week we taper.
8km lastnight in brand new shoes. We did a route that was little hilly and took a nice flat trail back.
My heel isn't too bad today. But Under 10 doesn't seem to affect it much anyway.

I haven't decided if I'm wearing new shoes or my old ones to the race. My old ones aren't dead yet I just had 20 people telling me to run in my new ones lastnight and break them in.

decisions decisions.

Today I think I will spend outside. The weather is gorgeous and I know it can't last. Besides Noah had a hard day yesterday and I want today to be better for him.

Also I have a long lost neice I want to tell you all about later. But I don't have time to do the story justice right now.

Back later.


Monday, September 13, 2004

A confession

I heart gummi worms

7 Days.

I hate you blogger. I will try to re-write it, but it has totally lost some magic.
Stupid blogger.


So yesterday we took some boxes to my sister's apartment in Kitchener. These are boxes that have been rotting and taking up space in my basement for about 3 years. It was a full pick-up truck full! She didn't seem at all pleased by the delivery, except for the fact that we gave her a coffee table that I can only assume will be used as a dining table, a chair and quite possibly a guest bed.
While we were there we visited Wayne, some of you may remember that Chris bought me Wayne as a present after my first 10k race. He's a dwarf hamster and while he's cute as a button he's a miserable nasty son of a bitch.
I asked my sister to take care of Wayne while we went out of town for a week this summer, she's never returned him so I guess he's hers now. Oh well.
Chris was holding Wayne yesterday and was totally mocking me for being afraid of such a cute widdle guy...when suddenly Wayne became very flat. With a scream that sounded not unlike that of a little girl Chris was flinging his hand high above his head. Wayne was hurled through air in lovely arc across the room. He hit the wall with a soft thud and splatted onto the floor below.
I was reduced to hysterics barely able to breath from the laughter at not only the flying hamster but the swearing husband.
Chris was flapping his hand (not bleeding) like a baby bird learning to fly and sort of jumping up and down without quite leaving the floor. Wayne seemed none the worse for wear and seemed quite happy to be delivered back into his cage (via an oven mitt covered hand belonging to yours truly). He remained in there obsessively cleaning himself as he likes to spend hours doing everyday and steadfastly patrolling his cage door like a Canadian on peace keeping mission.
Now when Noah sees Wayne his cage he points and him makes a face and says, "Owie?"
Which is far better than what Chris when he sees him.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

He's back and guess what else is back?

That's right the PF.


Oh well I'm doing the race next weekend anyway, I can be injured after! For now, there's ice and motrin.


Again with the Uvula!

THIS woman (who may or may not be giant) is the number one site for Uvula pictures.


It's Time to Pay the Piper...or something

Well the training runs are over. We did our final long run this extremely hilly 17k. It was difficult but the weather was perfect.
We finished and went on to find those training for the Chicago marathon and refill their bottles. How nice are we?
A stupid squirrel invaded our water station (styrofoam cooler hidden at about 10k into our route) and had dragged off the bag of jujubes! So we had none left to offer the marathoners.

I came home to an empty house! Chris was supposed to go and do some work on a house today, but after I got back! The truck is gone, Chris is gone, the kids are gone and the stroller's gone! And of course, he DID NOT LEAVE ME A NOTE!

I mean really, why would he, that would make just WAY to much sense.

So maybe I have some time to myself today???
Or maybe he's gone to get something at the store.

Or MAYBE this is like one of those made of TV movies, where the guys goes out to get the mail and never returns!
I'll keep you posted

Friday, September 10, 2004

oh ick!

someone found their way to my site via a yahoo search for UVULA pictures.


Do Bananas actually come with fruit flies? Or am I just REALLY adept at attracting them.

Is there a Doctor in the Country?

I have an interview today!
With a doctor.
Someone you might be our family doctor in the future sometime.
Canada has a SAD SAD Doctor shortage, where thousands of people are without a doctor and have to rely on the cess-pools that are Urgent Care clinics. You go in and sick in a room with about a hundred other sick people for sometimes hours at a time. They call your name eventually and you are seen by a doctor you have no history with and he's seen about a million and a half people that day before you.

We actually HAVE a family doctor (how I got him is a long and funny story I will share another time) but he is in the city we left 3 years ago, and therefore an appointment with him is a 45 - 60 minute drive one way, depending on traffic.
So I heard of a local doc that is taking new patients and called immediately. I was put on a three month waiting list. They called me probably a month later and asked me to fill out some forms. One for each member of the family. So I did.
The Doctor (not her receptionist..odd yes?) called yesterday to make an appointment for an INTERVIEW, we have to bring everyone's health cards and vaccination records. And the whole family has to come.

An interview for a doctor.

What I can't decide is what's the right answer to her questions?
If she asks if we smoke, do we say yes? That would make her more money since we would get sick more often and so would our children (theoretically).
Or do we say no (the truth) so she thinks we won't be a drain on the system.
Should we appear as sickly folks who are in desperate need of immediate medical attention? Or people that look like we'll only show up once a year for a check up and that's about it.

I still haven't decided.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

So I Ran

Yeah I ran. And it was an awesome run. Thank goodness cause I don't how many bad runs I have left in me.

I was a good pace ( though I don't keep track of these things) and we had fun, which to me in very important. We planned race strategies such as, pulling down the shorts of the people ahead of us or throwing ourselves on the ground in front of the people passing us.
Mostly though, we've decided to start and finish as a group, which makes me happy and will hopefully keep my finish line anxiety at bay.

I haven't eat yet, my extra lean hamburger is on the bbq as I type (shut up it's EXTRA lean a girl has to have something!!!).


I'm about to go out running. Something I desperately need to do. Something I desperately want to do.
But also something I have NO ENERGY to do.

You see I was up WAY past my bedtime last night. I was IM-ing with a fellow blogger..well no, not a blogger, I believe he prefers diarist. Anyway he's a multi-talented twisted man who likes to grow dirty pirate beards.

Anyway, I am running, but I will be bringing some gummi worms along for the ride. GOD I HAVE NO DESIRE TO RUN...I have no kick.

My race is only 10 days away. This is my self-sabotage thing I think. Start to hate running just in time to NOT meet a goal. And then right after? Totally love running again.

I'm brilliant that way. I have so much time on my hands, I can totally over analyze everything in my life and the lives around me.

I skipped lunch today...probably cause I was bottle fed as a baby.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I totally wimped out of my run tonight. Mind you I am making it up tomorrow night.

It's WINDY and COLD here. And soon it will rain a lot.

So we re-scheduled for tomorrow night.

man last week too hot..this week too cold. My husband is right! I am never happy.

I have NOTHING new to report. I ordered new shoes (running shoes of course) they will be in in a week or so.

Not sure if I will wear them for the race or save them for after, I am not in dire need but my current ones will come to the end of their life soon, I didn't track my mileage this time (blogging just takes up too much of my time) so I am going by how the feel for me. And right now they feel fine. Unless of course they are to blame for the Plantar Fasciitis? hmm.

In other news, it's supposed to SNOW in Edmonton tonight...Sorry to hear that Mark & Lesley.

But I am giggling away here.

I know I turn will come...SOON.

Hopefully not next weekend.

I'm Back!


My parents left this morning, much to the chagrin of my littlest one.
They had a lovely visit with Nanny and Poppy, much spoiling took place.

I ran about 14k on Monday, my foot didn't feel any worse on Tuesday morning. So I am taking that as a good sign and running tonight.

Thank you for all the great advice for PF. I haven't responded to anyone's yet since my parents were here and no one knows about this blog. It's all very top secret you know.

I need to catch up and read everyone's blogs!!! I am SO out of the loop.

Back soon.

Monday, September 06, 2004


Running in a few hours. Thinking about making up the lost long run from Saturday. My heel pain is minute at this point, so I'm going.

Saturday, September 04, 2004


Plantar Facsiitis.
I don't like it.

I took today off. Not liking how I feel right now. I can't believe how much I MISS that run. I mean in SO many ways. Weird feeling.

So ice ice ice for the rest of the weekend and some massage with golf balls? Sounds painful.

Poopy on plantar facsiitis!

Phooey too!

On a happy note I found my runderwear while putting away long folded laundry.
Actually not even putting it away, while sorting it into who's who piles on my bed.
Those piles are currently STILL on my bed.

WOE IS ME! ( Better Richard? )

Friday, September 03, 2004

Fair, Parents and stinky shorts.

Blogger lost this post once already. I am not pleased.

My parents are coming this weekend so I am currently cleaning like a mad women and since it's 28 C in my HOUSE I am dressed in an icky cleaning t-shirt and an older pair of running shorts (the loose kind). My hair is pulled back in a stingy frizzy non-showered yet ponytail. And I'm sweatin like Richard Simmons in a room full of chubby people. And as I become warmer and warmer, sweatier and sweatier, my shorts are and stinkier. What is with this new age "technical" material? It can wick sweat away like it's nobody's business but it can't let go of the stench?
These shorts are holding a years worth of running stink. NOT attractive.

There is a fair happening right across the street from my house. I kid you not. I could throw a rock and hit a carnie square in the head.

Now I am all for this community celebration idea. But after 5 days of smash em up derbies, pig races, some sort of wooden pole event and of course the midway, I am sick of the noise noise noise and the people. We left the city to get away from traffic and crazy people. Guess what I see when I open my door this week. Yup, traffic and crazy people.

Actually I was just peeking out the front door, spying on the fair and I noticed a wheel-less OPP car (that's Ontario Provincial Police. Not Other Peoples Pumpernickel or whatever) spinning sideways rather quickly. I could just make out to humanoid figures(dummies? children? Who's to know) in the front seat. Is this some sort of new ride? The drunk driving ride? The Driving irradically on the 400 series highways ride?

My parents arrive on Sunday, my Dad wants to pay for my next pair of running shoes (how fab is that?) and my mom wants to purchase a pair for herself. she walks quite a bit and has been experiencing knee trouble lately, I blame the shoes.

So now not only do I have to get my house and yard ready for them to come. But i have to get my running store's owner ready for the afternoon adventure that will be SERVING MY MOTHER.
Good golly. If I was a religious sort I would be praying right now.

Now what

So my race is 16 days away. So what do I do now? My parents arrive on Sunday for a 3 day visit so I SHOULD be cleaning. But what I am doing instead? Sitting on my ass (which is becoming increasingly svelte) drinking tea (without the cotton candy) and blogging.

I was grumpy with the hubby this morning, I needed money to pick up my team running shirt (smell that...we're a team now...a racing team...teehee) and some eload and gels. Well you'd think I'd asked him for his last kidney or something. I felt like a 14 yr old asking Daddy for extra allowance money.

This is the one thing I hate about being a stay at home mom. The dynamics around money have changed in our house and it's not a good thing. We're going to have to have a chat about it. Perhaps I need some local part time employment. I'm not sure how that would work with his schedule (or lack there of) and I don't want to have to pay a babysitter, doesn't make sense then. Grrr. Something will have to work out.

Well I should go and watch Finding Nemo with Noah, he seems sleepy and now he's trying to type.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Breath In Breath Out

I just regisitered for my race.

Good Lord above I think I'm having a panic attack.

My chest actually hurts.


Oh well, the race shirt is a long sleeve coolmax...I love it when races give you a shirt you will actually wear.

I better start carbo loading!

I have a tummy ache

There is a fair happening across the street from my house.
Chris took the kids lastnight (I was running! shut up).
He was lovely enough to bring me home a caramel apple and a bag of cotton candy.
I ate the apple last night. YUM YUM YUM!!! It was SO good, but a total rip off for $3.00!

I JUST ate a hunk of cotton candy bigger than my head (seriously, I measured). It was fluffy and yummy.

But now my tummy hurts. ooooooooo.

Maybe candy floss and tea isn't best breakfast.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

8k on lead legs tonight. I think I must be tired.

I have a training question!

I've been advised to get a massage about 2 weeks before my race. To rid my muscles of lactic acid..or whatever.

Does everyone do this?
If so, when?
What benefits does it have?

I'm going to bed now.

Just When You Thought My Blog Couldn't Get Any More Boring.

I'm running tonight.
Big wooo.
Went to register for half marathon today.
Didn't have the visa.

I might actually have found a Doctor in our area. IMAGINE not having to drive for an hour to get to an appointment.

OK..I better get some running clothes on.

Sad news: I can't find my runderwear.
Yes that is how low I stooped for blog worthy material. RUNDERWEAR ARE MISSING!
God help me.

Speaking of Gmail

I (like everyone else in the world) have about 12 invites too. So let me know if you'd like one.

Remember the no carb girl from my running group?

Well she has missed 3 long runs since the beginning of July (the start of the half marathon clinic).
The latest one being our 22k run this past Saturday.
However, two other girls and I helped her get that mileage in on Monday night. A and I ran the first 10 with her, and then L ran that last 10 or 11k with her. I brought her a gel or 2 and L brought her some extra water and eload.

We even talked her into eating some carbs.

She has NO intentions of running the race.
She paid $70.00 for this clinic. Mostly did the training.
I don't get it.
maybe she didn't want to be left behind?

I'm still trying to talk her into it.
She's never done ANY race before.
At least for the rest of us have done a few shorter ones.

But odd yes?


Somebody didn't eat dinner lastnight.
Somebody is getting new teeth.
Somebody woke up at 6:30am on this the final week of summer holiday.
Somebody almost ate his weight in pancakes.
Somebody spilled maple syrup (real not imitation) on the floor.
Somebody is very sticky.