Monday, September 13, 2004

7 Days.

I hate you blogger. I will try to re-write it, but it has totally lost some magic.
Stupid blogger.


So yesterday we took some boxes to my sister's apartment in Kitchener. These are boxes that have been rotting and taking up space in my basement for about 3 years. It was a full pick-up truck full! She didn't seem at all pleased by the delivery, except for the fact that we gave her a coffee table that I can only assume will be used as a dining table, a chair and quite possibly a guest bed.
While we were there we visited Wayne, some of you may remember that Chris bought me Wayne as a present after my first 10k race. He's a dwarf hamster and while he's cute as a button he's a miserable nasty son of a bitch.
I asked my sister to take care of Wayne while we went out of town for a week this summer, she's never returned him so I guess he's hers now. Oh well.
Chris was holding Wayne yesterday and was totally mocking me for being afraid of such a cute widdle guy...when suddenly Wayne became very flat. With a scream that sounded not unlike that of a little girl Chris was flinging his hand high above his head. Wayne was hurled through air in lovely arc across the room. He hit the wall with a soft thud and splatted onto the floor below.
I was reduced to hysterics barely able to breath from the laughter at not only the flying hamster but the swearing husband.
Chris was flapping his hand (not bleeding) like a baby bird learning to fly and sort of jumping up and down without quite leaving the floor. Wayne seemed none the worse for wear and seemed quite happy to be delivered back into his cage (via an oven mitt covered hand belonging to yours truly). He remained in there obsessively cleaning himself as he likes to spend hours doing everyday and steadfastly patrolling his cage door like a Canadian on peace keeping mission.
Now when Noah sees Wayne his cage he points and him makes a face and says, "Owie?"
Which is far better than what Chris when he sees him.