Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I totally wimped out of my run tonight. Mind you I am making it up tomorrow night.

It's WINDY and COLD here. And soon it will rain a lot.

So we re-scheduled for tomorrow night.

man last week too hot..this week too cold. My husband is right! I am never happy.

I have NOTHING new to report. I ordered new shoes (running shoes of course) they will be in in a week or so.

Not sure if I will wear them for the race or save them for after, I am not in dire need but my current ones will come to the end of their life soon, I didn't track my mileage this time (blogging just takes up too much of my time) so I am going by how the feel for me. And right now they feel fine. Unless of course they are to blame for the Plantar Fasciitis? hmm.

In other news, it's supposed to SNOW in Edmonton tonight...Sorry to hear that Mark & Lesley.

But I am giggling away here.

I know I turn will come...SOON.

Hopefully not next weekend.