Thursday, September 30, 2004

Blogger Crisis

Hey Guys. Zoot here. Pam sent me an email from her cell phone (she's hip to new technology like that) saying her INTERNET IS DOWN! I of course responded with a huge long email telling her I might be able to help if MrZoot would help me. She responded something along the lines of "Stupid Woman. This is a cell phone. I can only get short messages." No. She wasnt that harsh, but she should of been, how stupid was I? Duh. So she obviously wanted me to post for her, but I can't see websites at work with the word "blog" in the URL, because they get blocked by my firewall. So, MrZoot is actually going to upload this entry for me.

So, in reality, this is MrZoot in for Zoot in for Pam saying that Pamalamadingdong has NO internet access. MrZoot has not problem helping Pamalama out because she helped him out with finding good running shoes. She's cool like that. But, since she is communicating in short messages I'm not sure why her internet is down. So, I am going to make up a story to go along with it.

Pamalamadingdong has been abducted by aliens and delivered to a habitat on their own planet. All they have is dial-up internet there and the long distance bills are a bitch, so she's not going to update. She will update as soon as she gets back to Earth.

Thanks, Zoot.