Thursday, September 16, 2004

Carbs A Plenty

So, I'm supposed to start carbo loading today or's supposed to be 3 days before the race right? Well is that three days INCLUDING race day or the three days leading up to race day? Am I over thinking this?

So anyway, our fearless leader suggested making rice pudding and just snacking on that any ole time you please...but ...I don't think I like rice pudding. I mean it sounds really yummy...and I've never tried it. But I've tried another lumpy pudding (tapioca) and while it tasted great I couldn't get past the lumps. I mean...ew.
But then again I eat rice on a regular basis so I'm used to their lumps and texture so it shouldn't be a problem...but then again again add a bag of milk (yes our milk comes in bags here in Canada) and some sugar and that might be very unpleasant.

ALSO to make matters even worse, I only have basmati rice in the house. Would that still be good? Basmati really has it own flavour and might not mix well with milk and sugar.

There you go...I just devoted an entire post to rice.

oh no...on second thought I have another dilemma...when do I start hydrating?? NOw??? Saturday? How much? More than my usual 6-8 cups a day?