Thursday, September 23, 2004

Chicken Ball Run

So I ran.

We ran 5k, it was great for the first say...4k and I completely ran out of steam. We purposely chose a nice flat rail trail route. And I was surpised at how tired I felt when I started running. No pain just fatigue.
At 4k we stopped and chatted (about how fabulous we are) and walked in. It was fine, at least we gotten out there and shook out our legs a bit. We'll go again on Friday and maybe 12 on Sat...we'll see.

So afterwards we went for some dinner. There's a chinese food place right next door so we went there, it's not our first chicken ball celebration so we know it's good there.

Well HELLO? Why do you pile MOUNTAINS AND MOUNTAINS of food on one plate so people cannot even take any off without causing an avalanche of fried rice and chop suey? Mine came with an egg roll plopped on top of a mound of chop suey. How am I supposed to eat that? Impossible task.
I ate maybe a third of my meal and the had it packed so Chris could enjoy it later. which he did, about 35 seconds after I walked through the door.

So by 10pm I was famished of course. And could nothing else but eat toaster strudel (blueberry) and curse those Chinese folk down town.

This morning? STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hungry like Paris Hilton will never admit. Hungry like the Olsen twins.
Like Hannibal Lector.

Must eat.