Friday, September 03, 2004

Fair, Parents and stinky shorts.

Blogger lost this post once already. I am not pleased.

My parents are coming this weekend so I am currently cleaning like a mad women and since it's 28 C in my HOUSE I am dressed in an icky cleaning t-shirt and an older pair of running shorts (the loose kind). My hair is pulled back in a stingy frizzy non-showered yet ponytail. And I'm sweatin like Richard Simmons in a room full of chubby people. And as I become warmer and warmer, sweatier and sweatier, my shorts are and stinkier. What is with this new age "technical" material? It can wick sweat away like it's nobody's business but it can't let go of the stench?
These shorts are holding a years worth of running stink. NOT attractive.

There is a fair happening right across the street from my house. I kid you not. I could throw a rock and hit a carnie square in the head.

Now I am all for this community celebration idea. But after 5 days of smash em up derbies, pig races, some sort of wooden pole event and of course the midway, I am sick of the noise noise noise and the people. We left the city to get away from traffic and crazy people. Guess what I see when I open my door this week. Yup, traffic and crazy people.

Actually I was just peeking out the front door, spying on the fair and I noticed a wheel-less OPP car (that's Ontario Provincial Police. Not Other Peoples Pumpernickel or whatever) spinning sideways rather quickly. I could just make out to humanoid figures(dummies? children? Who's to know) in the front seat. Is this some sort of new ride? The drunk driving ride? The Driving irradically on the 400 series highways ride?

My parents arrive on Sunday, my Dad wants to pay for my next pair of running shoes (how fab is that?) and my mom wants to purchase a pair for herself. she walks quite a bit and has been experiencing knee trouble lately, I blame the shoes.

So now not only do I have to get my house and yard ready for them to come. But i have to get my running store's owner ready for the afternoon adventure that will be SERVING MY MOTHER.
Good golly. If I was a religious sort I would be praying right now.