Thursday, September 23, 2004

I am SUCH a hypchondriac

So yesterday Dianna posted about the threat of becoming ill shortly before her marathon. And today? I'm sick!
I'm all stuffy and I'm hating it. A stupid cold. I don't FEEL all that sick. I'm just chilly and stuffy.

Tomorrow is to be my first post race long run. I'm going no matter what...well not no matter what. But at this point I'm totally thinking of running.

ALTHOUGH this morning when I got up? It was STILL dark out. I don't mind running in the dark in the evenings. But I HATE the idea of running in the morning darkness. Makes it seem earlier somehow. And colder.


My 8 yr old (who will be nine in Jan) is SO mouthy all of the sudden. I mean he rolls his eyes and says "I GET IT MOM!!" all the cotton-pickin time now.

Now I know that I was a mouthy little so and so at some point. But I don't think I was 8 when it started.
We aren't spankers in this house, but I might reverse that decision in favour of a wooden spoon one of these days. And the other one...GAH! He's a monster. Terrible two in a nut shell. I mean we have a ton of fun with him but he's SO independent that listening really does fit into his agenda very well.

Yesterday at the park, Chris traumatized the poor kid, he will never get on a swing again I bet.
He put in the baby swings and stood in front of him, pulled the swing up to about his own chest height and let it go.
Noah's eyes got really big (not unlike a bug) and his face turned bright red...and he held his breath. He held his breath until I got the swing and took him out.
HELLO! He's 2 and he's not on the swings all that much.
Perhaps pushing him from the back would've been the logical idea since he would've seen what was coming. And not pushing him from the front where it might feel a little like free falling to a 2 year old.