Friday, September 10, 2004

Is there a Doctor in the Country?

I have an interview today!
With a doctor.
Someone you might be our family doctor in the future sometime.
Canada has a SAD SAD Doctor shortage, where thousands of people are without a doctor and have to rely on the cess-pools that are Urgent Care clinics. You go in and sick in a room with about a hundred other sick people for sometimes hours at a time. They call your name eventually and you are seen by a doctor you have no history with and he's seen about a million and a half people that day before you.

We actually HAVE a family doctor (how I got him is a long and funny story I will share another time) but he is in the city we left 3 years ago, and therefore an appointment with him is a 45 - 60 minute drive one way, depending on traffic.
So I heard of a local doc that is taking new patients and called immediately. I was put on a three month waiting list. They called me probably a month later and asked me to fill out some forms. One for each member of the family. So I did.
The Doctor (not her receptionist..odd yes?) called yesterday to make an appointment for an INTERVIEW, we have to bring everyone's health cards and vaccination records. And the whole family has to come.

An interview for a doctor.

What I can't decide is what's the right answer to her questions?
If she asks if we smoke, do we say yes? That would make her more money since we would get sick more often and so would our children (theoretically).
Or do we say no (the truth) so she thinks we won't be a drain on the system.
Should we appear as sickly folks who are in desperate need of immediate medical attention? Or people that look like we'll only show up once a year for a check up and that's about it.

I still haven't decided.