Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's Time to Pay the Piper...or something

Well the training runs are over. We did our final long run this extremely hilly 17k. It was difficult but the weather was perfect.
We finished and went on to find those training for the Chicago marathon and refill their bottles. How nice are we?
A stupid squirrel invaded our water station (styrofoam cooler hidden at about 10k into our route) and had dragged off the bag of jujubes! So we had none left to offer the marathoners.

I came home to an empty house! Chris was supposed to go and do some work on a house today, but after I got back! The truck is gone, Chris is gone, the kids are gone and the stroller's gone! And of course, he DID NOT LEAVE ME A NOTE!

I mean really, why would he, that would make just WAY to much sense.

So maybe I have some time to myself today???
Or maybe he's gone to get something at the store.

Or MAYBE this is like one of those made of TV movies, where the guys goes out to get the mail and never returns!
I'll keep you posted