Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I think I've recovered.

Sunday night, I could only get one of my legs over the baby gate by our stairs. COULD NOT. Hubby had to come and help me. Walking up and down stairs was SUCH a chore for me. I mean really.
Sunday night I lay on the couch like a squeezed orange all flat and and groggy.
Monday I was sore. My legs were tender to touch. That wasn't fun. But by Monday night i was feeling a bit better. But completely exhausted, which is a good sign right?

I'll go for a walk today (should've yesterday but didn't get the chance) and see how I feel after that.

Definitely running tomorrow night.

For my next amazing adventure, I will lose 25lbs. Well even 20 would be awesome.
WHY is it sticking around? Do I need to run 1000kms a week to lose this spare tire?

Mark has said he will help me to set up a cross training program...so I will be bugging him for that discussion soon. :)

Blah....now that the race is over I have NOTHING interesting or mildy entertaining to share with you.

I put Noah down for a nap about an hour and a half ago, he's been playing ever since.
Now he's calling me. Do I leave him up there? He's not crying and needs a nap.

Another question, when did your babies go into a big boy bed?
Noah will be two in November.
He seems big in his crib but his brother was in there until 2.5 or 3 I think.