Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Remember the no carb girl from my running group?

Well she has missed 3 long runs since the beginning of July (the start of the half marathon clinic).
The latest one being our 22k run this past Saturday.
However, two other girls and I helped her get that mileage in on Monday night. A and I ran the first 10 with her, and then L ran that last 10 or 11k with her. I brought her a gel or 2 and L brought her some extra water and eload.

We even talked her into eating some carbs.

She has NO intentions of running the race.
She paid $70.00 for this clinic. Mostly did the training.
I don't get it.
maybe she didn't want to be left behind?

I'm still trying to talk her into it.
She's never done ANY race before.
At least for the rest of us have done a few shorter ones.

But odd yes?