Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Well we're about to go out for a run. My first since the race. I am looking forward to it in a lot of ways. But worried I am going to suck. You know how that is.

At this point, I hate NOT running, you know how that is too.

So we'll run, no more than 8k. I doubt we will even do 8, some of my running mates are still hurting so they will want to take it easy and do only 5k. Really that's fine with me.

Ok, to be REALLY honest with you, I am only going because we 're all having dinner together afterwards. And that is the only thing getting my butt out the door today.
But I do want to run...but not really.


I want to HAVE run...I want to know what I mean.
I want it to be 10pm tonight and i've already run.

Yeah..that's it.
I know I'm mental..You don't have to tell me.

I did the race in my old shoes...nicely broken in and on the verge of retirement. TOnight I think I'll wear my new ones, just to break em in a bit.

GOOD LORD this is a boring post....ok...something to liven it up a bit

My hubby runs a home based business and hasn't filed his txes in 2 years. His books are a mess and today I made him go and see a book keeper to get everything in order and file his taxes, it's apparently going to be a long process since I refused to look after his books when she started this mess (I was already working full time and pregnant).

We might be selling our children to pay the evil Revenue Canada...any takers? Ben??