Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Confession of Sorts

Alright. I'll admit it. I. Am a horrible mother.

Now...don't get me wrong. I LOVE being with Noah everyday. LOVE IT. But this whole stay at home Mom thing? Boring.
I am bored out of my skull!
Especially now that I'm not really snacking...NOTHING TO DO!
I could clean the house. I know this. I also know I SHOULD clean the house. But, you know.....ick!
I don't like to clean the house.
Remember the days when I worked in an office a bazillion hours a day supporting stupid users (sorry) and network printers? And since we were gone from our home for so long during the week it never really got a chance to get dirty?
Yeah I don't remember that either.
Well I VAGUELY remember it.
I big part of me feels like I'm missing something. But the other part of me will not put Noah in daycare just yet. I know millions of kids have gone and they're all great and wonderful and perfectly adjusted. But I still want to stay home with him.
I've considered taking in a kid, but really isn't that just more of the same stuff? I need a challenge. I need to feel productive.
But the question is...HOW can do it? What I can do from home? The computer repair market is already cornered by a friend of mine, and he's not looking for a partner.
And basically I don't have ANY OTHER SKILLS! HOW SAD IS THAT! I am a obsolete geek!
I've been out of work (my choice but none the less) for 2 years and I think I am basically unemployable.

HELP! I need suggestions!

In other news, I bought new kitchen curtains today and they clash SO badly with my kitchen wallpaper (yes WALLPAPER) I have to return them. I mean...really hideous clashing. Like I was temporarily blind when I picked them out or maybe I was thinking about someone else's kitchen certainly NOT mine.

Noah has a little cold which is not so nice but not so bad either, however he sounds SO stinking cute with his little stuffy nose that I chuckle every time I hear him speak (which is, just for the record, always..none stop from morning to night. I think he gets that from Chris' side of the family...certainly not mine. I am as quiet as a church mouse. hmm church mouse, can you imagine the chaos a mouse would cause at church? HA! Something to do tomorrow! yes!).

It's good to be back