Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Blogger is freaking out. I can't get in to delete that extra post.
Oh with it.

Nothing to blog today. Running 8 tonight and I can only assume I will be back to my ever so slow self. I wondering now if our route was actually 10k the other night. I think it might have been closer to 9. Either way, it was a faster pace than I'm used to. Which is good every now and then!

21k this weekend. We going to run the race route I believe. Which will be interesting. It's right here in town and it's SO hilly. I might bring my camera just to show you..but then really, do I want to run for 2.5 hrs with a camera in my hand? I wish now that I had bought a slimmer model (isn't that always the case?) so it would fit in one of my water belt pockets....hmmm..we'll see.

I wonder if blogger is speaking to me again or will I have to email this one in?