Friday, October 22, 2004

GAH!!! I'm SICK of this rain.

It has been raining off and on since LAST WEEK! It's been chilly and windy and I am REALLY getting sick of it. SICK OF IT!
Ohhhh it's supposed to clear up this aft..we are supposed to see the sun. THE SUN! But it's going to turn to rain again over night and continue into the morning (long run) and taper off to something half way decent by mid morning. So get this.
We will START our 18k cold and wet, then at some point, I BET around km 10 it will stop raining but remain grey and over cast. Which leaves us running WET. Nothing I detest more. In a chilly yucky day. I will be sure to capture ALL of my chafing (I actually have SCARS from my bra line now...I bet you were eager to hear that) and post what's decent enough to share.


In other news, there is a bag of OREOS in the kitchen...taunting me from the shelf in the cupboard. I can't stop thinking about them. MUST HAVE COOKIE!!!! CAN"T STOP. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

Also, I've given up sweetening my tea with sugar twin, cause that stuff CANNOT be healthy so I've started using honey. Honey is not something I enjoy so it's taken sometime to get used to it. 1 tsp of honey in my mug I am all strung out. I talk a mile a minute (that;s not all that out of the ordinary) but I am also flittering around like a lunatic (also not really that unusual). So I ask, is honey better for you (energy wise) than refined sugar? I'm thinking of eating it before my next long run. I'll be UNSTOPPABLE!!

Ok..I need more tea