Monday, October 18, 2004


Did you hear?
Edmonton got 10cm of snow yesterday! Poor Mark. (heh heh heh). I don't why that tickles so, it just does.

Ran yesterday. We did the 16k we were supposed to do on Saturday. On Saturday we postponed cause the weather was supposed to be nasty. It turned out not so nasty on Saturday.

On Sunday it was FREEZING and SO windy. We chose to run most of it on a rail trail near the river. It's heavily wooded so we were protected from the wind for the most part.
It looked like it was snowing maple leaves. There were that many flying through the air. And since they were wet for the kazillion days of rain we had they mostly just flittered to the ground or on us. It was really lovely. The colours seem extra vibrant on a dreary day.
Anyway, it was a good run. I feeling strong right now and I'll take that any day of the week.

10k tonight and I think it's going to rain. The wind chill is supposed to be below zero this evening. How awesome is that?

I had so much to blog about and now it's gone.

I could tell you how my dogs ripped up a 25lb bag of potting soil. All over my WHITE deck.
That was fun.
My sister was on her way out through the back door and stops and goes "Before you come back here and look, I think you should give the dogs a head start"
Nice mess.
The white dog was no longer white.
The white deck was no longer white.
The dogs were no longer welcome.
Banished off the deck to the back yard for the remainder of the day.

Ok I'll probably come back later when I have something interesting to blog about.