Sunday, October 10, 2004

Holy Crap! She's Still Gone!

I'm assuming Pam is still without internet access, or still on Voltron, or still hypnotized by gypsies...whatever it is that's keeping her from blogging. Whatever the reason, I'm going to fulfill my duties as a blogfriend and try to post something for her to keep you all entertained.

My Dad just visited me for four days. He's pretty athletic in that he tries to run a couple miles several times a week. Well - as we all know - I am NOT athletic. So - as a trade off - we did a hell of a lot of walking. We walked all around downtown. TWICE. We walked to Target and back. We explored my neighborhood for HOURS. And this morning? We walked about two miles round trip, for a FREAKIN' NEWSPAPER!

As sad as I was to see him go? My feet? Are very happy. I have blisters on the tops of my toes for chrissakes. Who gets blisters there? Me, evidently.

So - there you have it. The closest I'll come to a running commentary...a bitchy whiney walking commentary.

At least there werent any mosquitos!