Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hurray for Fall!

I ran last night with a few people that did the Chicago marathon. We went nice and slow so we could chat. They had SUCH great tales about being Canadians down there it was awesome. They wore Canada flag singlets with their names on top, they said the support the Canadians received was phenomenal. They loved every second of it.
We were supposed to only go 8k and that was totally our intention. Until we go to this one part of town that is covered in old old maple trees. And we took a little detour so we wouldn't leave that area too quickly. The weather was perfect! I mean really there is NO better running weather than a dry fall night. So we ended up going just a little further. Maybe 10 or 12k we weren't exactly sure.

Anyway so I will do my short run tonight so I will rest tomorrow night before our 18k on Saturday morning.

Our running group has a Halloween run every year. Last year the people I ran with didn't want to dress up. So I bought some silly eyes for the top of my head and went anyway (breakfast is involved).
This year they all want to dress up. I'm think penguins (Like John Bingham's books and groups) but not sure.

Any suggestions?