Friday, October 01, 2004

I'm Back!!!

Hey guys! It's me, Pam. For real! I swear it's me - not Zoot. I'm back from Zoltron and uh, all is well now. And I'm running! Really I am! That's how you know it's me, and not Zoot, because I'm running. A lot.


I'm not fooling you guys, am I? It's still Zoot here. I have heard not a word from Pam today so I'm going to continue using her blog as the place where I unload my deepest and darkest secrets.

Today's Secrets?

I don't like cake. But more than that? I don't like icing.

I also don't like the show Everybody Loves Raymond. Yep, I don't love Raymond.

Okay. That's good for today. I'm off to go run now.