Thursday, October 28, 2004

More crying

I can't run tonight.
I was in denial all day.
I made plans to run.
People are meeting at my house at 6pm so we can run together.
My wardrobe malfunction has caused a wound that is totally grounding me.
After shopping today I came home to find my jeans STUCK to my owie.
I re-applied butt'r. ZOINKS that's some painful shit right there.
And after screaming like a girl I applied some zinc diaper cream right after.
More pain than child birth.

So then I put on my running tights, thinking that they would be great cause they don't move around too much.
Well chubby old me bought the baggy tights last year cause I didn't want to be seen in TIGHT tights.
They fit like tights on me last year but not obscenely tight like some people (boys you know what I'm talking about). This year? THEY'RE BAGGY and move around over my owie.

So I've finally come to terms with the fact that I cannot run tonight. CAN NOT. In no way can I. I considered duct taping it. But what goes on must come off and I don't see that as a pleasant experience.

Tonight's run was only 5 BUT saturdays run is 21. So I want to be sure I am all healed by then and if not I have to figure out how to protect it while I run. Let me tell you this is not a job for butt'r or body glide. This is possible a panty liner taped to my leg kind of job.

Unless of course someone has a better suggestion?