Friday, October 15, 2004

My Favouritest Guest Blogger EVER!

Zoot is the bestest guest blogger ever! Is she not? I love her to pieces. And that fact that I readily exchanged email via my cell phone with this woman tickles me pink.
Have you seen her new hair? It's HOT!

My evening was basically uneventful. Had a pasta (whole wheat) dinner since i have an 18k run tomorrow. Played with the kiddies...and then read some email.

Low and behold....Noah the little darling that he is.....toddles into the living room with a box of corn pops. from the garbage. and proceeds to dump them ALL over the floor. ALL OVER IT!
1000 corn balls on my living room floor.
Then he stomped on them like he was making corn wine. It was NOT a pretty sight. Especially with Dori running around behind him trying to gobble up the ones that didn't get smushed.
However, stale corn balls are much like marbles and will sometimes lead to 2 yrs old flailing around Dick Van Dyke style and landing on not on his heiny but the dog's too.
Not a happy couple.

All is well again and everyone is asleep. And I'm blogging

ahhhhhh digital bliss.