Wednesday, October 20, 2004


That's how many pounds I've lost. NINE!
How exciting is that! The friend that comes to Weight Watchers with me has lost nine as well and she runs a third of what I run. What's up with that? She also probably has 20 more to lose than I do.
Still...seems unfair.
I drag my ass over the hilly roads of this town 4 times a week. And she runs on average twice (lots of times it's once) a week and loses the same amount.

That's so unfair!

I haven't started with the weights yet. I can't even SEE the weight machine thingy for all the SHITE in our basement. Someday....

For all of those who are concerned....I got a new box of tea last night. I waited till this morning to open it..cause there is NOTHING like the smell of fresh tea. It's's more like....uh...Heaven? No. Hell...definitely not. Anyway suffice to say it's smells good, ok?