Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Something New

found this over at Rick's site.
Give it a try.

Name THREE of your......
1. Pet Peeves:Dishes left on the table, babies drinking pop, How Jeff on Survivor always says "I will go tally the votes" when really he just GETS the votes and then tally's them as he reads them out loud. I HATE THAT!

2. Favorite Sounds: laughter, squeaky snow, the silence of 8:30pm

3. Favorite Flavors of Candy: caramel; chocolate; reeses pieces...oh soooo many more.

4. Biggest Fears: public speaking, balloons, basements after midnight

5. Biggest Challenges: weight loss, not completely screwing my kids up, half marathon and beyond

6. Favorite Department Stores: Walmart, Eaton's (RIP),Zehrs

7. Most Used Words: awesome, lovey, pecker head

8. Favorite Pizza Toppings: pineapple, chicken, onions

9. Favorite Cartoon Characters: The Tick (can make me cry),Peep,Plastic Man

10. Movies Recently Watched: The Day After tomorrow (snore), Eternal Sunshine (surprisingly enjoyable), People I know (two thumbs..WAY up)

11. Favorite Fruits: Bananas, oranges, grapes

12. Favorite Vegetables: potatoes, snow peas, carrots