Monday, October 04, 2004

Walking Commentary

Hey Guys! It's me again, and Blogger hates me! Whee!

Seriously. I've been trying to publish an entry for Pam all freakin' day - to no avail. Blogger keeps crapping out on me and not letting me publish.

I heard from Pam. She said, "Thank you!" and that is all. I'm assuming this means she's still alive and well without internet access, but I'm really not sure. It could also be a ploy from her kidnappers to keep us distracted.

Well, I went on a SEVEN MILE walk yesterday - in Pam's honor. How is THAT for guest-blogging loyalty? I have four blisters and ninety zillion mosquito bites today to show for it. I didn't run at all, but I walked. SEVEN MILES. That's a lot for me. We have a great greenspace here that leads down to the Tennessee River. The trail gets all sorts of traffic. Walkers, Runners, Bikers, Roller BLaders, and a BUNCH of people on those weird sitting bicycle things. What are those things called? You sit close to the ground and pedal, on four wheels? Yeah - we saw several of those.

We also saw a couple speed walking and pulling their, obviously slow, dog along in a red wagon.

I mean, I give you dogs in wagons! What more could you want from me?