Friday, October 29, 2004

Well then

Well Anniversary number 11 ended in a teary fight on the couch about started projects that NEVER EVER GET FINISHED.
Somehow, the one of us that has a renovations/restorations company cannot seem to renovate or restore his own home.
SURE he can start 1000 things but he can't seem to finish any of them. I mean I have a front closet with NO door, cause he hates slidey closet doors. Ok it was 3 yrs with NO door at all and now it's been 2 wks with a partial frame and a door leaning against the opposite wall. Our living room is 3 different colours right now because he hasn't "had the chance" to finish the painting.
The ceiling still has plastic stapled to parts of it, cause he wants to redo the california texture so why bother taking ALL the plastic down..the little shards of it are fine.
GRRRRR! I'm a little miffed is all. Every now and then I have to freak out on him and he starts working on the house a bit more.

In other news...I might be moving (my blog) sooner than I thought! More on that as later.

I'm getting a massage on MOnday and I hope that means on the 14th I won't be so sore!
We shall see.