Thursday, October 21, 2004


My soon to be Nine year old Son has two pets in his room. Both of which I fought tooth and nail but was eventually over ruled (I did manage to keep it at bay for about 4 years though).

Anyway he has a snake (Californian king named King Ludwig) and a leopard gecko(Skipper).
Oh yeah they're cute little devils. The snake does nothing but occasionally bask under his infrared lamp, the gecko is a TINY bit more active. And they're both rather pretty.

The snake eats frozen mice, well baby mice. And once I got over the infantile look of them, I'm mostly ok with it. Unless he refuses to eat them (he can get finicky) and swell up under his lamp and begin to stink. The gecko on the other hand eats crickets...LIVE crickets. And my NUMBER one issue with the gecko was that we would find crickets roaming the house. I was ASSURED this would not occur.
NEVER would it ever occur.

For the last 3 days I have heard a suspect chirping coming for behind my basement door, and having watched my fair share of horror movies I DO NOT open the basement door when eerie sounds are being emitted from behind it.

So just now while browsing some blogs, I notice something out of the corner of my eye.

In a panic I THROW the laundry that I was about to (get the nerve) to bring to basement to wash.

The thing laughed in the face of soiled Incredible Hulk jammies and climbed to the summit. I did the ONLY reasonable thing left. I covered it with a glass and called my hubbies cell.

He's apparently NOT leaving work early to come save me.