Saturday, October 23, 2004


Today's 18k were interesting.

Today we were officially given the title of REAL RUNNER (even though Chris already gave me that title last week). Our route today was not the usual route we do for 18k. No sir. Today our fearless leader decided it was our time to meet....MILE HILL (that should echo). MILE HILL is exactly as is sounds...long....and steep...but it's also..narrow and curvy (something I hope to be someday soon). But it was a challenge. We met it and did ok. We were told to not deny ourselves a walk break half way up if need be. But we didn't need to. I was a bit winded at the top and too a brief drink break but continued on with out much problem.

It was then followed buy an additional 10 or 12km of rolling hills and steady inclines. And ended with a nice down hill that wasn't TOO down hill if you know what I mean.

My legs are definitely tired though. But in a good way.

The weather was perfect. I left the house and it was 4 degrees, it didn't warm up much from that. I mean you can't ask for better temps for a long run I think.

At this moment right now? Both my kids are out with (separate) relatives doing fun fall things with them. And what are my hubby and I doing with this time?
Well he's next door helping the neighbour put new brakes on his car.
Scratch that. He's the one that's actually doing the brakes and the neighbour is walking around watching.